Shrimp and aquascaping evening at Oxford store


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Join The Goldfish Bowl on October 17 for an evening of talks and demonstrations by experts in freshwater shrimp and aquascaping.

The Goldfish Bowl in Oxford is holding a shrimp and aquascaping event on the evening of Monday, October 17, with special guest speaker Chris Lukhaup.

Guests will be treated to an informative and exciting talk from Chris, who will be giving his tips on how to care for shrimps as well as sharing stories from his shrimp expeditions across South America and Asia. In addition, plant specialists Dennerle will hold a live aquascaping demonstration.

Chris will also be officially opening The Goldfish Bowl's brand new freshwater shrimp section —24 + 18 state-of-the-art dedicated aquariums to house both the more common species of shrimp such as Red Cherry shrimp and Amano shrimp, as well as more unusual species such as Yellow King Kong and Blue Bolt shrimp.

There will be special offers across the entire store as well as a very special one-off discount on all livestock. Each attendee will also go home with a special gift as a thank you for attending the event. The shop's helpful and knowledgeable staff will be on hand to discuss any aquatics-related topics with you.

So whether you have a tropical, marine or coldwater aquarium or you fancy setting one up, join The Goldfish Bowl on Magdalen Road, Oxford between 5pm and 9pm for what promises to be a fun evening. 

Due to the high numbers expected at the event, it's essential to register for a place by visiting The Goldfish Bowl website.