Shark pups born by Caesarean section


A team of shark experts and vets have successfully performed a C-section on a Whitetip reef shark at a Florida park.

The groundbreaking procedure was carried out last month at Discovery Cove - SeaWorld’s sister park - in Orlando. It's the first time a C-section has been carried out on a shark in Seaworld's history.

Six months into the shark’s gestation, the park’s animal team noticed a complication with her pregnancy and determined an emergency C-section was necessary (see picture below).

Whitetip reef sharks give birth to live young. In this case, four healthy pups were born, weighing less than three pounds at birth (1.04 kg-1.25 kg) and measuring about 60cm/2' in length.

Mum and pups are doing well and are eating and behaving normally. They're currently behind the scenes at Discovery Cove where they are being monitored by the park's animal team and vets. 

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