See George Farmer on his UK aquascaping tour!


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Get up close to George Farmer and his tongs as he embarks on a UK aquascaping tour, in which he will educate and inspire fishkeepers in the art of creating jaw-dropping aquariums.

The UK's top aquascaper and Practical Fishkeeping contributor George Farmer is embarking on a UK tour around some of the top shops over the next couple of months.

George will be using The Aquascaper range of aquariums and cabinets from Evolution Aqua, ranging from the AS300 cube up to the AS1500 Plus, to create living works of art at the following venues:

Saturday, October 15 - Aquarium Gardens (Huntingdon)
Tuesday, October 18 - Reef Depot (London)
Saturday, October 22 - Retford Aquatics (Notts)
Saturday, November 5 - Brook Garden Centre (Chesterfield)
Saturday, November 12 - Aquahome Aquatic Centre (Leyland)
Saturday, November 19 - Maidenhead Aquatics at St Albans (Herts)
Saturday, November 26 - Romsey World of Water (Hampshire)
Sunday, November 27 - Hampshire Aquascaping and Fish event, Portsmouth
Saturday, December 3 - Clearly Aquatics, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

If you're a retailer and you are interested in booking George for an event then please get in touch with him on Facebook. Now booking for December 2016 onwards. Non-UK retailers welcome.