Robbers rescue goldfish


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Though happy to make off with cash and electrical goods, robbers took the time to rescue a goldfish harmed during their break in, writes Nathan Hill

In a sudden show of unexpected conscience, burglers in Wollaton, Nottinghamshire have rescued a goldfish.

When home owners Lance and Monica McGill returned to their property, they feared the worst after finding their possessions gone and their goldfish bowl smashed. However, further investigation revealed that the intruders had taken the time to place Freddie the goldfish into a sink with some water, where his owners found him swimming.

It's thought that the bowl was knocked to the floor while the thieves were searching for valuables, and cash, a camera and laptops were stolen during the burglary. 

'We phoned the police straight away and they said not to touch anything until they got there, so we just waited,' Monica McGill said.

'It wasn't until they had left two hours later that I went to the kitchen sink for a drink and saw Freddie looking up at me.

'He was just there splashing around in the sink without a care in the world. You wouldn't have known what he had just been through. He looked quite content.

'I couldn't believe they went out of their way to save him. I thought he was gone for sure.

'It is mixed feelings really. They are still thieves that need catching - but we are really grateful they took the time to save Freddie.

'We bought him for my youngest daughter from a garden centre for her first birthday so she is quite fond of him. She was really happy when we found out he was alive.

‘The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. They’re just there to take whatever they can to make some money from.

‘They probably know we have insurance for the rest of the stuff, but not the pet and that’s why they saved him.’
The eight year old fish, originally bought for 89p at a garden centre, was placed in a cereal bowl overnight until the family could purchase a replacement. 
Practical Fishkeeping's Nathan Hill comments: 'Alas, the tale could be happier for Freddie at the end. After his ordeal, he's been placed back into a goldfish bowl, which looks to be considerably too small to house him. The fact that his new home lacks even basic filtration means that he'll quickly be exposed to toxic levels of his own excreted wastes. 
'Though the McGill family are offering a £300 reward to anyone who helps get back the items, this author cannot help to think it's all money that would be much better spent purchasing Freddie a realistically sized home with adequate life support. 
'With hindsight, the burglers may have done much more than just save Freddie's life. They might have given him his first and only experience of a little open space to stretch his fins.'