Retail staff witness marine conservation in action


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Staff from Maidenhead Aquatics have been visiting Bali, Indonesia, to see how one organisation is working to promote sustainable practices that will benefit the fishkeeping hobby in the future.

Maidenhead Aquatics has always believed in promoting responsible fishkeeping. Maintaining close relationships with trusted suppliers around the world is important to the aquatics company, and it has a passion to support the work of organisations that promote ethical and sustainable practices in aquatics. 

In pursuit of its goal, a brilliant opportunity arose for some of the Maidenhead Aquatics staff to visit an area that affects, and is affected by our aquatic trade. They made a first trip to Northern Bali, Indonesia in November 2014, visiting LINI — The Indonesian Nature Foundation. And a year later, another group of Maidenhead Aquatics staff travelled over to the Indian Ocean to see for themselves how this fantastic project is working towards a better understanding of aquaculture and marine conservation in Indonesia — which will in turn help the industry back here in the UK.

LINI is a community-based marine conservation project which worka hard to develop and promote sustainable fisheries in Indonesia. Established in 2008, its mission is to help conserve coastal marine resources in Indonesia through science and the education and empowerment of coastal communities.

It works tirelessly to protect and rehabilitate the coral reefs that are so crucial to the environment, as well as to the fishermen whose livelihoods depend on them, while encouraging them to adopt long-term sustainable fishing practices. Without LINI’s sterling work, this vital region would be subject to other, less forgiving and more environmentally damaging practices that would impact the reefs for generations to come.

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