Red Sea Reef Care Program now available in nano sizes


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Owners of small and nano reef tanks will be pleased to know that Red Sea is adding smaller bottles of its popular Reef Care Program to its range.

Up until now bottle sizes had been 500ml, or mammoth 5 l. sizes, but for small and nano tank owners the cost of investing in the whole range could be high, with bottles that would last for ever.

New bottles in the "nano range" come in more manageable 100 and 250ml sizes, with prices coming down to a starting price of £7.95.

"The basis of the program is the use of highly accurate reef-test kits followed by precise dosing of concentrated reef supplements in order to achieve ideal conditions for coral growth, colour and vitality," says Red Sea.

The new, smaller sizes feature the same full-strength solutions and comprehensive instructional guides as the existing, larger sizes.

The products now available are as follows:

  • Reef Foundation A (calcium and strontium) 250ml
  • Reef Foundation B (alkalinity buffer) 250ml
  • Reef Foundation C (magnesium) 250ml
  • Coralline Gro (for development of purple coralline algae) 100ml
  • NO3:PO4-X (nitrate and phosphate reducer) 100ml
  • Coral Colors A,B,C,D (4-pack) 100ml
  • Reef Energy A and B (2-pack complete coral and invert food program) 100ml.

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