Public aquarium sees 2000 fish deaths in nine months


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A newly renovated aquarium in India has lost more than 2000 of its fish in the nine months from March to December 2015.

According to a report in the 

Mumbai Mirror

, the fisheries department, which maintains the Taraporevala Aquarium, listed several reasons for the high number of deaths, which affected both marine and freshwater fish: the polluted sea water that is sourced for the aquariums, tapping on the display tanks by visitors, use of flash photography stressing the fish, and environmental factors.

Staff at the aquarium say that there have been several incidences of fish refusing to come out to feed on a Monday following high numbers of visitors at the weekend. 

The report says the death toll, which numbers around 2100 fish from 228 species has included 104 damselfish, 63 butterflyfish, 25 eels and 53 surgeonfish, along with a large number of freshwater fish. More than 80 amphibians and lizards have also died. 

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