Practical Fishkeeping's Nathan Hill inspires artwork!


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PFK’s Features Editor Nathan Hill has been immortalised in art — as a fish!

Venezuelan field explorer, photographer, painter and PFK contributor Ivan Mikolji has produced the illustration, called Nathansia hillipterus, as a tribute to Nathan. The artwork forms part the Mikolji Blue Fish Inspirational Tribute Series, which Ivan says “is my way to commemorate these very special people, influencers who inspired my work." Nathan’s tribute sits alongside others commemorating famous names in the aquarium world such as Ad Konings, Heiko Bleher, Frans Vermeulen and Chris Lukhaup.

Ivan says: “All the drawings in the Blue Fish Inspirational Tribute look similar, just like a school of fish in the wild would, but because they are all individually drawn originals, they are all different, just like a school of fish in the wild.”

Ivan is the co-founder and President of the Fish from Venezuela Foundation (Fundacion Peces de Venezuela). He also produces documentaries on wild tropical fish in their natural habitats which have the objective of spreading the knowledge to the general public, with the notion that you cannot preserve something that you don’t know exists.

He is now active in the preservation of continental freshwater bodies of water, including all species of aquatic flora and fauna, trying to educate the people on how to have a minimum impact on their environment. All the proceeds from Mikolji artwork are used to support this. 

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