Plant specialist to open new retail store this weekend


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The online plant specialist PlantedTanks is to open a retail shop in North Yorkshire on Saturday June 11 – and there's plenty in store for the opening weekend.

PlantedTanks' owner Tony Newsom-Virr told us: "This is a dream of a lifetime and has been some 14 months in the planning. We have nearly 42' of tanks with plants in them and another 20' to go in next week. We have 50kg of petrified wood, 20kg lava rock, 20kg bogwood and several large pieces of Manzanita wood all in stock. We have the largest selection of Dupla and Hobby products in the UK all in one location. We are also stocking heaters and filters (both internal and external) at amazing prices.

"We have also prepared four display tanks ranging from 10 l. to 468 l. in volume and set one up to demonstrate the benefits of the Dupla Multicontrol unit which completely automates the water parameters of your tank, adjusting CO2, temperature, GH, KH, flow rates, lighting etc.

"For the opening event we are stocking some interesting shrimp: CRS grade A, CBS (black bumble bee) Grade A and Cherry shrimps."

Another interesting idea is the Anubias tank – you put your hand in and pull out an Anubias, and it's just £2.50 a go. There are seven varieties of Anubias in the tank, potted, bunched and loose: A. barteri broad leaf, A. nana golden, A. nana petite, Starburst (rare and only one pot), congensis, lancelot, and hastifolia.

Other special offers include:
Stainless tools at amazing prices (one day only)
Dupla kit up to 25% off RRP
Dupla RO unit (one only) £50 off
Fish, plec, shrimp, plankton food all 20% off RRP
Artemia kits, eggs, salt, food etc at amazing prices
Bunched plants £1 each
Mega Crypt pots £6.50 each; two or more for £5.50 each
Lava rock £2.50 per kg, some mega sized pieces
Bogwood £3 per piece
Manzanita wood – see the price, then make an offer!
Petrified wood £2.75 per kg

Tea and coffee is free, water (bottled) 50p, canned drinks 50p. There will, however be an honesty box for drinks with any monies going to Selby District Vision – a local charity for the blind that PlantedTanks shares the facilities with.

The new PlantedTanks shop is at Units 3-4, The Prospect Centre, Prospect Way, Selby,
North Yorkshire, YO8 8BD. Opening times are: Monday 10am-5pm; Wednesday-Friday 10am-5pm; Saturday 9am-5pm; Sunday 10am-4pm. Closed Tuesdays.

Sadly on the opening day PlantedTanks will be without credit and debit card processing facilities. Tony says: "We are still waiting for British Telecom to install the phone lines. We do however have wireless broadband which means we can take Paypal payments on the day, or cash."

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