Piano fish tank hits the right note


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We just had to show you this old piano that has been turned into an aquarium by artist George Ioannou.

George says he had been wanting to set up an aquarium in his Surrey art gallery for some time, but tells us he couldn't find anything that really suited.

"Then I found a piano that was being thrown out and decided to take a saw and hammer to it.

"Three weeks later it was ready to give it a paint job. I kept to what people know me best for (movie art) and hand painted 'Jaws' on the inside wall. To add a little bit of an edge, I cut out a shark bite to expose the piano keys then sprayed the famous words: "We're gonna need a bigger boat" on it.

"This is my first aquarium and the first time I've ever kept fish. They are coldwater fancy goldfish as I was told they would be the easiest fish to start with but now I've got them I wouldn't change them, as they have so much personality."

The whole project took about a month. The aquarium is fitted with an external power filter and is very accessible to clean and maintain.

George tells us: "I'm over the moon with it. It's now been up and running for five months and really is the talk of the town. We have people driving to the art gallery/coffee shop just to see the fish tank. I've even started to take commissions on similar projects for clients."

You can see this and some of George's other work at the Art Rebellion gallery, at 171 Brighton Road, Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 2NH and on the Art Rebellion website.

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