PFK archives: Stunning European styled planted tank


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I've been busy rifling through the tens of thousands of old PFK "trannies" in our library and I've found some corking tanks. This one has to be one of my all time favourites.

Speaking to long-time PFK editor Karen Youngs, she told me that this stunner was the display tank years ago at Tropica, which I believe is now Harrogate Aquatics.

I vaguely remember the article on it, and it was featured many times afterwards in picture form as it was, and still is, the epitome of what many fishkeepers aspire to achieve.

The set-up is very Dutch or German in style with Mercury Vapour pendant lighting and lush house plant growth stretching up above it at the back. Other gear includes what looks like the full Dennerle set up.

Green, serene and gloriously understocked, this tank looks like a paradise for the fish and plants residing within it, and I for one, can only dream of owning such a tank.

Date of set up, late eighties or early- to mid-nineties I would guess, and it shows off what every planted tank owner wanted to create before the massive nature aquarium influence came to our shores from Japan.