Pet shop blaze claims lives of cats, rabbits, parrots and fish


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A fire at a west London pet shop has claimed the lives of dozens of animals.

About 60 firefighters were called to The Fish Bowl store in Fulham in the early hours of Monday, May 13.
Crews managed to rescue some animals, including rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes, and lizards.
But unfortunately an as-yet unconfirmed number of animals including tropical fish, parrots, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs died in the blaze.
A number of flats above the shop also had to be evacuated, with 18 people forced to leave their homes.
Proprietors Peter and Jennifer Johnson, who have been at the shop for 49 years, told the Fulham Chronicle they plan to carry on trading.

Station manager Matthew Burrows, who was at the scene, said: "Firefighters did very well in this challenging fire and managed to save the lives of lots of animals.
"The shop has been badly damaged in the blaze, and it's very lucky that no one was hurt."
The fire began at about 1.30am and took three hours to bring under control.
An investigation is now under way into the cause of the fire, which damaged the basement and first floor.

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