PATS announces aquatic exhibitors


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PATS have announced some of the aquatic companies exhibiting at their two trade shows at Sandown and Harrogate later this year.

Tropical Marine Centre (TMC) is launching several new product ranges at the shows, including the AquaGro range for planted aquariums, line extensions to its popular Aquaray LED lights, and the Rio Polario pumps, which were first revealed at GLEE in September 2008.

Mars Fishcare, makers of API, Rena and Aquarian is due to launch a new range of Aquarian fish foods at the event.

Casco, the aquarium and pet shop fittings specialist, is showing off the "plug and play" cost-saver units in its Economy Range.

These pre-assembled shop fittings contain lighting, heating and filtration and are ordered, delivered and are ready to fill up instantly.

OASE, who are well known for their high quality pond and water gardening products, are exhibiting at Sandown on stands B14, C15 and C17.

They are showing off a range of Clear Water System (CWS) products including the Aquamax Eco CWS filtration pump, the FiltoMatic CWS filter system, the Biokick CWS filter starter, the SwimSkim CWS surface skimmer and the OASE pond aerator OxyTex CWS.

Pond fish food and treatment specialist Nishikoi is exhibiting at both the Sandown and Harrogate shows, and will providing deals on products to the trade.

Oasis, who are on stands F7 and F9 at the Sandown PATS event, have 27 years experience in the water gardening products trade, and have recently branched out into aquarium equipment. They supply dealers mainly in the south and south east of England.

Harlings Ltd are re-launching their Harlifish brand of "high quality, low cost" pond foods, which now have vibrant new packaging, and are offering various trade deals to retailers. Harlings are on stand A15 at Sandown.

Also exhibiting are Freshwater Aquatics, a tropical and coldwater fish importer and wholesaler based in Uxbridge, who will be on stand E1 at Sandown. The show will be the company's first trade show.

Both Pet and Aquatic Trade Show (PATS) events are open to the trade only. The PATS Sandown event takes place on March 24 and 25, while the Harrogate show is on May 5 and 6.