New world record for longest clean-up operation underwater


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A clean-up operation by volunteer divers in Malaysia has set a new Guiness World Record for the longest clean-up operation underwater.

More than 130 divers completed 168 consecutive hours of clean-up at 14 dive sites around the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah earlier this month.

Over three tons of rubbish was collected, including 1,526 kg of plastic, along with fishing lines, types and cans.

Volunteer divers attended from Malaysia, UK, France, US, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Switzerland, with 1,120 dives from 224 dive sites.

The seven-day operation was organised by Astro Kasih — a volunteer initiative undertaken by employees of Malaysian TV company Astro — as part of its Beautiful Malaysia environmental project.

One of the divers, Captain Kumaran Balakrishnan told The Borneo Post that in his 30 years of diving experience, this was by far his most fulfilling experience — especially diving during a storm at midnight.

"As a diving instructor who spent most of the time in the ocean, I am glad that I am able to do my part for the environment. Thumbs up Astro for a job well done," he said.

During the event, Astro Radio broadcast live underwater — reported to be another first.

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