New Thermofilter from Eheim


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Eheim has introduced the first external Thermofilter featuring optional electronic control through your PC.

The new Eheim 2178 Thermofilter Professionel 3e 600T is suitable for aquariums up to 600 l/130 gal. and is equipped with the full range of technical features of the Professionel range, along with a heating element, which is safely integrated into the bottom of the filter canister. In this way, you filter and heat your tank easily and effectively.
An easy-to-read and accurate display shows the exact water temperature of your tank. With the simple press of a button the desired temperature (18°- 34°C) can be very precisely and easily set.

There's a warning display, should the temperature be too high or low and when the heater is heating the control light is lit up.

A prefilter is also provided inside the filter to trap mechanical dirt particles, meaning less blocking of the biological filter material.

This new filter also offers simple and convenient programming, setting and updating of your filter on your PC using the Eheim Interface (not included).

Technical specifications:
For tanks up to: 600 l.
Pump output: 1850 lph
Delivery head: 2.6m
Power consumption: 10-35 w
Filter volume: 8.6 l. (8 + 0.6) prefilter
Dimensions (H x W x D): 534 x 264 x 264mm
Price: TBA