New range of Polario pumps from Rio


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A new range of Rio Polario dual action pre-set random flow pumps is available from Tropical Marine Centre.

The new pumps offer the following features:

  • Bi-directional outlets to simulate a natural wave action
  • Pre-set random flow and alternating outputs (cannot be adjusted).
  • Flow setting: 50% power for five seconds, 75% power for five seconds, 100% power for five seconds; five second delay before the same sequence takes place from the opposite side.
  • Random flow rates from approx. 2300 lph to 10000 lph depending on model.
  • Energy efficient, high flow, low voltage.
  • Magnet mount included to secure pump.

There are three pumps in the new range:
Polario 4ML 7W 2300-4000 lph
Polario 7ML 23W 5000-7000 lph
Polario 10ML 25 6000-10000 lph

Price: RRPs for the pumps are 4ML £99.99; 7ML £129.99; 10ML £149.99.

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