New Nano T5 light unit from iQuatics


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UK lighting manufacturer iQuatics has released a new range of Nano T5 lighting units for the smaller tank.

When lighting the current range of nano aquariums, a lot of set ups come complete with single ended compact fluorescents which are always readily available on the UK market. Using the iQuatics Nano T5 units allows the use of double ended HO tubes.

Aimed at tanks of 50cm/20" length, the new Nano T5 iQuatics light units come in 4 and 6 T5 versions with twin power cables allowing the users to customise the lighting environment to suit their aquarium contents.

Key benefits of the iQuatics Nano T5 unit are:

  • Sleek minimalistic design
  • Adjustable sliding mounting brackets to securely attach the pendant to virtually any size of aquarium (equal to, or shorter than, the length of the light unit)
  • Optional hanging wires for suspending the light unit above the aquarium
  • Pivot mechanism to allow fast and efficient bulb changes.
  • The Nano T5 also comes with iQuatics High Output T5 fluorescent bulbs of the customer's colour choice from the iQuatics range

Price: Starting at £115.99 including free bulbs and free delivery.

iQuatics currently sell direct to the public through their e-commerce store and iQuatics products can be found in many fishkeeping specialists throughout the UK and worldwide.

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