New KOI Beauty food from Tetra


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Tetra has launched a new range of specialist pond fish food, called KOI Beauty.

Available in three sizes, this new food has been developed to provide premium ingredients which support and promote good health for strong, vibrant fish.

Tetra KOI Beauty First provides a complete diet offering high quality protein to support energy levels and growth in young Koi, while Tetra KOI Beauty Small Pellets and Medium Pellets are aimed at Koi of 10cm and 20cm, respectively, and features wheatgerm to enable particularly easy digestion.

All three products contain important vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids and beta-glucan to promote a strong immune system, and shrimps and beta-carotene to support beautiful, bright colours. The pellets float on the surface of the water to enable fish to feed in a natural way.

Ashleigh Foster, Tetra Marketing Manager, says: “The Tetra KOI Beauty diets have been sold for years among Japanese Koi lovers as they offer the high quality ingredients needed to keep fish happy and healthy. With the increased popularity of Koi in Europe, we’re introducing our scientifically developed KOI Beauty pellets with the exact same product quality and portion sizes that have been demanded by Japanese Koi lovers for so long.”

Tetra KOI Beauty First comes in 150g bags, RRP £5.00. Tetra KOI Beauty Small Pellets and Medium Pellets are available in 4 l and 10 l buckets, RRP £17.99 and £35.99 respectively.

More info: or check out Tetra UK on Facebook.