New fishkeeping club in Cheshire


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New fishkeeping club in Cheshire

If you live in the Stockport area you may well be interested in the fact that a new aquarists' society has been formed by fishkeepers Neil Barton and Bob Jones.

The new club came about after Neil and Bob, who have known each other for over 25 years, were reminiscing about the good old fishkeeping days where there were aquarist societies in every town. Both had belonged to a successful society in Macclesfield but the nearest one to Stockport was now Preston or Warrington — so after giving it some thought, they decided to bite the bullet and try and start one in Stockport themselves. 

Stockport Aquarist Society’s first meeting was arranged for the beginning of August 2016, and advertised via Bob’s shop and Facebook. After a nerve racking day wondering whether anyone would turn up, Neil and Bob tell us they were amazed when several hobbyists arrived, ranging from people just starting out in the hobby to those that have been keeping them for several years, with a broad range of interests: coldwater or pondfish, to tropical, brackish and marine.

Everyone is very keen and the aspiration of the club is to have guest speakers on fish-related topics, auctions, to show fish internally within the club and also have have inter-club shows

The next meeting will be on Monday, September 5 at 7.30pm at the Grey Horse, Broadstone Road, Reddish, Stockport. There will be an auction and quiz.

If you are interested in joining and would like more information, please contact Bob on 07970 662 547.