New fish species found inside lump of rock


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An upholsterer from Scotland has found a new species of fish inside a lump of rock.

According to a report from the BBC, Patrick Gavin from Dunbartonshire, found a new species of fossilised fish at a site near his home.

The teeth, scales and even the stomach contents of the fish are visible.

The new fish, which has been donated to Scotland's Hunterian Museum is around 15cm/6" in length and is believed to be an ancestor of the modern sturgeon, which are themselves fairly ancient fishes.

Dr Neil Clark, the curator of geology at the Museum told the BBC: "It is always a dream of palaeontologists to find something totally new to science like this.

"It's a coup for Patrick Gavin and it's a coup for the Museum."

The fish is currently awaiting formal description as a new species of fossil fish.