New convention will be a cory lover’s dream!


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If you’re a fan of Corydoras catfish, make a date in your diary for June 2017, when the first Corydoras World Cory-Vention takes place in Wigan, Lancashire.

The event is being held from June 9–11 2017, at the Britannia Hotel, Standish, Wigan. 

Cory-Vention organiser Ian Fuller says: "For many years, actually ever since I first set up my website Corydorasworld, I have been thinking about running a convention dedicated to Corydoradinae catfishes and now the time has finally come. I have had 15 years experience organising this type of event with the Catfish Study Group so I am very confident the project will work out very well. 

"This event is not being organised to compete with the CSG but to give cory lovers the world over a dedicated event of their own. I have the services of two of the world’s top Corydoradinae specialists coming to give two presentations each, Luis Tencatt from Brazil and my good friend and co author Hans-Georg Evers from Germany, and to complete the programme I will also be giving a couple of presentations, then to top it all off I have a mystery guest speaker for our after dinner presentation on the Saturday evening.

"It is, as far as I am aware the very first specialist aquatic event to take place anywhere on the planet that is totally independent of any club, society or aquatic organisation.”

Day tickets are available for the Saturday and Sunday at the special 'early bird' price of at £20 per person per day (£35 for both days) until the end of February 2017, saving you £5 a day on entry.

Room prices are very reasonable for those who would like to stay over, at £50 per night for a single room (£65 double; £80 triple) including bed, breakfast, evening dinner and refreshments.

Want to sponsor the event?

Sponsors of the Cory-Vention will receive:

  • A live banner link on the Corydorasworld sponsor page.

  • A banner/Logo in the convention programme.

  • A banner/Logo on the rolling PowerPoint presentation that will be running throughout the whole weekend.

  • Access to the Corydorasworld FaceBook Page to advertise their attendance and offers they may have.

Full details of the Cory-Vention can be found on the Corydorasworld website, where you can also download a booking form.