New constant CO2 test from JBL


JBL has developed a new and rather elegant looking continuous test for carbon dioxide (CO2) content, which also indicates the pH value, so that the fishkeeper or aquascaper knows at a glance how much CO2 is in the aquarium water.

Every aquarium plant needs CO2 to survive and grow — and fast growing species and red plants need a lot of it. 

This new CO2 test is filled with a special indicator instead of aquarium water, because that is the only way to indicate the correct CO2 content of the water without the acids present in the water distorting the value. 

A further professional touch is the enclosed sticker selection, which allows the user to select a colour scale of the pH value — also indicated — which suits its carbonate hardness. The colour indicated means a higher pH value with hard water than with soft water, so there’s a choice of three stickers for different degrees of hardness and it’s easy to monitor the actual pH value in the aquarium 24 hours a day.