New Cold Weather pondfish foods from FishScience


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FishScience has launched new Cold Weather pond foods, for feeding pond fish during autumn, winter and early spring.

The use of specially formulated coldweather pond foods during the cooler months of the year can make a real difference to the health of the fish and their ability to survive the rigours of winter.

Dr Dave Pool of FishScience, says: "Foods suitable for feeding to pond fish at low temperatures are rich in wheatgerm, an ingredient which can be digested easily even at low temperatures. These foods can be used to feed the fish whenever they rise to the surface looking for something to eat. The oft quoted rule was not to feed below 10°C, however pond fish will actively look for food at temperatures below this, particularly if the water temperature is rising. Even at 4°C, an increase in water temperature of 1 or 2 degrees will trigger the fish to feed, whereas at 10°C a 1-2° drop will result in the fish stopping feeding. It is obviously important to avoid overfeeding and in winter this can be as little as one or two sticks per fish in the recommended five-minute feeding period.

"By feeding the fish as and when they are looking for food, we can ensure that they have a small supply of nutrients which prevents them from using their valuable stored reserves. This can make a big difference to the fishes' health through the colder weather and particularly as water temperatures start to rise in the spring. Fish that have been carefully fed during the colder months tend to be stronger and less susceptible to early season fungus and bacterial infections."

The foods are in the popular 'dumpy' stick format, accepted by any fish over 10cm/4in in length.

Price: 225g pack SRP £4.95; 1250g pack SRP £16.45. Further information from