New categories for this years Readers Poll!


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It's that time of year again, where we want your votes on the best stores and products around the UK.

This year we’re running many of the old favourite categories, including cichlid and catfish retailers of the year – often some of the busiest sections that we need to plough through and count up.

There are also still the regional votes, so whether your in the highlands of Scotland, or dipping your toes into the seas of Cornwall, you can give feedback on those stores local to you.

In the wake of changing trade, we’re also adding two new categories to this year’s poll.

The first – Shrimp retailer of the year – applies to any online or brick build UK store, and reflects what has been considerable growth in this area over the last couple of years. Shrimps are becoming big business, with an even bigger following, so it’s high time we found out who wins your invertebrate votes.

The second – Club, Society or Association of the year – is wide reaching, and will hopefully provide us with a snapshot of the vibrancy and diversity of the UK club scene. Whether long established, big or small, ultra-specialist or just a fan club for the humble guppy, we want to hear which organisations out there float your fishkeeping boat.

All entries into the Readers’ Poll carry the chance to win a prize, and with some excellent Hagen equipment to be snapped up by a few lucky voters, there’s no better time to have your say on who you rate in the fishkeeping hobby.

The poll opens up as of our next issue, hitting the shops on June 10, so keep eyes peeled and get involved. If you’ve had good experiences with stores, clubs or products this year, then it’s a perfect chance to give something back. Every shop that comes top of its category can hold its head high and know that it has a fleet of happy customers and supporters, and that counts for a lot.

And ultimately, it’s your vote. We get no say in who wins, we just count up the entries, so get involved!