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Evolution Aqua has released a new range of eaMarine aquariums.

There are currently three models:

  • 45 x 50 x 45cm/18x 29 x 18in (101 l/22 gal)
  • 60 x 50 x 45cm/24 x 20 x 18in (135 l/30 gal)
  • 90 x 50 x 45cm/36 x 20 x 18in (202 l/44 gal)

The aquariums have been built in the UK, at EA’s facility in Wigan, using low-iron glass on the front and sides of the aquariums for extra clarity and have a modern, rimless, braceless design with floating base.

All models come with pre-assembled cabinets available in nine high-gloss acrylic colours, clad with 18mm MDF panels. The cabinets have adjustable feet and soft-close doors.

The eaMarine aquarium range also has a unique moving filter bed designed by EA, using the company’s own K1 Micro filter media, as well as 200 Micron filter socks for mechanical filtration and very low maintenance.

The rear chamber of the in-tank sump system on the larger models has room for a skimmer if you want to add one, or provides room for reactors, live rock rubble, chiller pumps or an algae refugium.

The aquariums feature Eheim pumps and the latest lighting package from Kessil including either A160WE or A360WE LED lights (one on the 450, two on the 600 and 900 models), along with flexible gooseneck fittings, unit link cables and the new Spectral controller for full programming of either single or multiple A160 or A360 units.

eaMarine aquariums can also be ordered with freshwater specific Kessil lighting.

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