New aquarium in China sets five world records


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The newly-opened Hengqin Ocean Kingdom in China is now officially the largest aquarium in the world.

Guinness World Records, which had officials present at the public opening last weekend, confirmed the new world record for the aquatic theme park, whose huge tanks hold a combined total of 48.75 million l/10.72 million gal of water, making it the largest aquarium in the world by volume.

Hengqin Ocean Kingdom, located in Guangdong Province, took four other world records — all earned by the park's enormous Whale shark exhibit.

This is now officially the the world's largest tank, holding 22.7 million l/4.99 million gal and has the world's largest viewing window — also deemed the largest acrylic panel — at 39.6 x 8.3m/130 x 27'. The exhibit's underwater viewing dome, which spans an area of more than 12m/39' is also the largest in the world.

"The glass in the shark and whale pavilion is, at more than half a metre, reassuringly thick," reports the BBC.

Hengqin Ocean Kingdom cost £484.4m to build and features seven themed areas, each representing a part of the ocean. The park also offers rides, a circus and a 5D cinema.

A 1000m Grand Canal connects the hotel to the aquarium, and guests can take water taxis which run in between.

The resort aims to become the "Orlando of China".

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