Nature photographers inflate live fish with air to attract eagle


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Footage of a group of wildlife photographers allegedly filling live fish with air and styrofoam in order to snap that perfect shot has sparked outrage.

The cruel act was carried out to make the unfortunate fish float on the water surface to entice a rare eagle down for some photos.
After using a syringe to pump air into the swimbladder of the live fish, one of the photographers forced pieces of styrofoam into its mouth with a twig before it was thrown into the water at a park in Bukit Gombak, Singapore, to await the approach of a Grey-headed fish eagle.
Their actions were caught on camera by horrified amateur nature photographer Charlie Gordon who shared the video on Facebook.
The website, 10000, which shared the video said: "Aside from the incredible cruelty of tampering with a live fish’s swimbladder and force-feeding it with polystyrene, there is the important issue of the critically endangered fish eagles consuming pieces of polystyrene foam when they eat the fish.
"This is no longer nature photography and it is nothing that anyone should be proud of."
Grey-headed fish eagles are listed as critically endangered in Singapore, with only a dozen or so breeding individuals left in the wild.
Due to the nature of the video, we haven’t posted it here, but if you want to see it, you can watch it on the New York Daily News website.
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