Nationwide Goldfish Show at Bristol


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Bob Jones' winning goldfish.

Bristol Aquarist Society held its annual Open Show and Auction on Sunday September 3, at the new venue of Hengrove Community Centre in Fortfield Road, Bristol. 


Best in Show was a Metallic Fantail bred by BAS member Bob Jones.

While the eight Nationwide goldfish judges assessed the 230 entries by 23 breeders, the auction was held where an audience of more than 40 bid for 65 pedigree fancy goldfish at bargain prices....

The Club has over 80 Classes of Goldfish with 10 Special Trophy Awards. Here is the Best in Show trophy being given to Bob Jones by Lifetime BAS Member Clive Weeks.

The Bristol Aquarist Society is famous for their development of the Bristol Shubunkin with its long fins and blue background colour. This breed was well represented with young and adult classes plus teams of four. 

Not forgetting the original Common goldfish ...

The Nationwide Open Shows and Auctions continue with the Northern Goldfish & Pondkeepers Show at St. Matthews Church Hall, Chester Road, Stretford, M32 8HF on Saturday, September 16.

The final Open Show, where all four Goldfish cbs in Nationwide UK will compete is at Horsehay Village Hall, Bridge Road, Horsehay, Telford, TF4 2NF on Saturday, September 30.