Nano External Skimfilter from Dennerle


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Ever expanding their range of nano products, Dennerle showed off a new nano external filter at Interzoo 2010.

The new filter is aimed at the 30 litre and new 60 litre Dennerle nano tanks and can either be clipped onto the side pane of the tank or placed next to it in the conventional way.

"In order to break down waste more efficiuently an external filter with a greater filter volume is now available from Dennerle'" say it's makers.

"In addition to it's excellent performance, the new nano SkimFilter is also extremely versatile and incorporates a superior range of features."

Filter media included

Sponge, fine filter material and ceramic biological filter material are included with the filter.

Inlet options include a suction pipe with pre-filter or a surface skimmer and outlets include a jet nozzle, ball and socket joint outlet and a lily pipe.

The filter's volume is 2 litres with a maximum lifting height of 60cm. Maximum output is 360lph for 11.5 watts of energy.

Dennerle state that is suitable for aquaria up to 112 litres total volume.