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Attention all reef keepers! In the April issue of PFK we lab test six of the best known marine salt brands and tell you which one is the best.

If you have a marine tank you really won't want to miss this one. We contacted marine salt suppliers and asked them to enter their products into our review.

We enlisted the help of Geologist and reef keeper Levi Major to find a lab who could test the parameters for us, and to interpret the results.

Government lab

Levi came back with a cracking result, as part of his daily work is doing just that, sending samples to labs, analysing data and then presenting it to government bodies. The lab he found is an MCERTS certificated lab used by the Environment Agency.

Accuracy is absolutely key in this sort of this test and Levi reckons that manufacturers would not have been able to find better, or argue with the results.

We got them to test for pH, alkalinity, calcium, magnesium, nitrate and phosphate, and Levi did a yield test on each one too.

The results were surprising to say the least, and I for one can't wait for everyone to see them. It's changed my mind about what I thought was a good salt.