Man faces fines over front yard Koi


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A US pondkeeper could be fined for keeping Koi in his front garden.

Ted Smith from Seminole County, Florida, has been told he needs to move the 300 fish, which are currently in a swimming pool, into his back yard after complaints from a neighbour. It's apparently not the fish that are the problem — it's the fact that they are being kept in an above-ground pool.

Smith has had some of the Koi for 14 years and said he bought the bathtub and jacuzzi set-up — at a cost of $30,000/£18,500 — after having problems with the pond they were in.

But now Seminole County code enforcement has given him until December 4 to have the whole set-up moved to the back of the house — or he will be fined $100/£61 a day.

Smith, who is recovering from a heart attack and is also battling cancer, says it might be best if someone just took the Koi off his hands.

"I am not going to be around to enjoy them much longer, you know," he told WFTV.

"It's not like moving a little aquarium stand on the corner of the couch."

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