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The latest Catfish Study Group auction was held on Sunday, November 15 in Darwen, Lancashire.

Aquatic clubs holding auctions as well as open shows have become popular in recent years. So much so that many clubs now hold auction-only 'shows'. The Catfish Study Group (CSG) holds auction specials at its base in North-west England (although membership is actually worldwide).
The latest auction was held in Darwen, a small market town in Lancashire. All the town's social activities are based here in the Derwent Hall on George Street, with its excellent theatre hall and kitchen facilities. The auctioneer was CSG Chairman Mark Walters.
An audience of 70 strong bid for 'lots' of catfish — often rare species — which were sold for bargain prices. However, this bargain could be £30 or £40 and more. Most of the audience were local club members (such as Preston AS) who were also catfish breeders and so members of CSG.
Yorkshire's Catfish enthusiasts also crossed the Pennines to bid for the rare or special specimens. Castleford AS Show Secretary Steve Grant bought some breeder's groups of Corydoras 'Green Laser' CW009 — pictured at the top of the page — along with Corydoras virginae and this perfect Super red Ancistrus (photo by Steve Grant).
Although the majority of auctioned fishes were catfish family, others were sold too, from Fire eels to discus, and aquatic items from plants to Assassin snails.

There was a grand raffle, hot and cold beverages all afternoon and a display by G.B.W. Products (Brian Walsh's wooden carvings).
These auctions are keeping the clubs alive by generating cash (a small percentage is retained) and it is also a good venue for keen aquarists to gather and exchange information.
If you like catfish, visit the CSG website. 
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