Lobster webcam is a huge hit!


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A webcam in Canada that features a lobster trap has become an unexpected hit.

The underwater webcam in Halifax harbour has been streaming live images of the lobster trap for the last two weeks and has received more than 10,000 hits from around the world in the first day and has over 4500 followers on facebook.

Ralf Pickart who has a website featuring 43 webcams throughout Nova Scotia, set up the website because he was curious as to what it was like to be a lobster.

Pickart said in a quote to CBC News Canada: "People see a perspective they never experienced before and they are not able to experience. Nobody is diving for a lobster trap and watching it for several hours."

The website was set up purely for educational purposes as Pickart must release the lobsters and cannot eat the results, so the trap will be emptied at least once a week. He has been surprised at how many people have looked at the site:

"I expected that people would like it, it was one of our expectations, but I never expected 14,000 hits just on the first day," Pickart said.

The webcam was set up as a collaboration between Murphy’s on the Water and Nova Scotia Webcams. Along with lobsters living in the trap, the camera features other sea creatures including fish, crabs, starfish and sea urchins.  

Take a look at the lobster webcam for yourself and see what's going on...

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