Live seahorse found in Dorset garden


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In a miraculous escape from death, a spiny seahorse (Hippocampus guttulatus) was rescued after being scooped up by a seagull and dropped gasping for breath onto a lawn three miles inland where a hungry cat prowls.

Karen Warr of Weymouth, Dorset, saved the adult female seahorse with a fish slice and a bowl of water. Ms Warr told The Telegraph, I was just popping out to buy a paper and I looked down and saw this funny object by the pathway.

I got a bit closer I saw it was a seahorse. They are very distinctive.

I did wonder what on earth it was doing there but I could see it was still breathing so I dashed inside and the only thing I could think of to pick it up with was a fish slice.

I put it in the bowl I use for my scales and filled it with tepid water. It was still breathing but wasn't moving much, it must have been in shock.

I called the Sea Life Centre because they are only down the road and somebody came out to see me.

We both agreed it must have been dropped by a seagull.

Mrs Warr had put her pet cat out three hours before finding the seahorse, saying It couldn't have been there then otherwise he would have eaten it.

The seahorse, which Mr. Warr named Pegasus, is now recovering in a quarantine tank at the Sea Life Centre.