Kessil launches its smallest LED light to date


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Pioneer of the 'Spectral Revolution' DiCon brand, Kessil has released the A80 LED aquarium light in both marine and freshwater spectrums.

Different in shape and design to previous Kessil models, the A80 is the first to employ passive cooling, so no fan is used, opting instead for a well-designed heat sink. What they have kept however, are the key features which Kessil is famous for — that lifelike LED shimmer along with unique colour blending, and the single lensed Dense Matrix Array. This means that nano reef owners can now enjoy all of the features offered by the larger A160WE and A360WE lights, but at a much smaller size, output, and at a smaller budget.

Using just 15W of electricity, the A80 is capable of lighting even the most demanding, light loving corals in nano reefs of up to 14in cubed, or can be used on larger tanks of up to 24in if opting for easy to keep soft corals, easy to grow plants, or fish-only systems.

Choose Tuna Blue for saltwater applications and Tuna Sun for freshwater. The A80 can be fully dimmed and spectrally tuned by way of on board control knobs or connected to the Kessil Spectral Controller (not included), allowing automated control of colour and brightness.

The A80 is available exclusively in the UK via Evolution Aqua’s extensive dealer network, and is priced at £149.95. Evolution Aqua is also offering a free A80 mini gooseneck worth £29.95 with every purchase.

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