Juwel Lido 200 aquarium released in UK


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Like Juwel tanks? Like the Lido 120 but want a bigger version? The Lido 200 is here.

Fans of the popular Juwel range of aquariums will be pleased to hear of the launch of new Lido 200.

First showed off at the Interzoo 2012 trade show, the new model is a compact 71cm long x 65cm high x 51cm front to back and holds 200 l/44 gal gross volume.

As with existing models in the Juwel range, the Lido 200 comes complete with built in internal filter, the Bioflow 3.0 and adjustable 200 watt heater.

Lighting is by way of 2 x 28 watt T5 lights and can be tailored to either freshwater or marine spectrums, and boosted by reflectors.

Tanks and cabinets are available either in black or white.

Limited supply
Juwel informed Practical Fishkeeping that the new aquarium is being sold as an introductory offer for £420 with free cabinet.

Initial supply has been limited and according to Juwel UK demand has outstripped supply so it advises visiting its website, looking up and then contacting its authorised dealers.

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