iQuatics AquaLumi T5 controller lights up to six tubes


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Online aquarium lighting seller iQuatics have added to their range of light tubes and luminaires with the release of a multiple tube controller.

Life's not all about one piece luminaires on open topped tanks when you run fluorescent lighting and many people still use more traditional ballasts, leads and end caps to power their tubes, and house them inside closed hoods.

Recognising this fact iQuatics have brought out a separate ballast -style controller which can control either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 T5 fluorescent light tubes depending on tube wattage and controller model.

This we see offers real benefits and great flexibility for those who want high fluorescent lighting levels on cabinet style tanks with cover glasses and box hoods, or those who want to light multiple tanks from a single ballast.

The units themselves are sleek and modern looking and are manufactured from black anodised aluminium. The ballasts inside are german made and depending on model you get two power cables so that you could light your blue tubes on a different period to your white tubes.

Leads and connectors are IP67 safety rated, 2 metres long and rubber feet for the controller and stainless steel clips for the tubes are included.

Stainless steel rusts in saltwater, but apart from that we think the product has great potential and we know of plenty of aquarists (ourselves included,) who would have killed to get hold of a 6 x fluorescent tube controller instead of having to use three doubles or six single ballasts on their tanks, back in the day.

Prices range from £59.49 for a twin 24 watt starter to £98.99 for a 6x 54 watt. Packages including controller, light tubes and reflectors are also available. 

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