Instant pond complete with viewing windows


A company based in Essex has produced a free-standing pond complete with viewing windows, which can be assembled in just two hours.

Atlantica Gardens says that one of the main benefits with its Instantpond is that you don't have to leave your pond behind if you should decide to move. You can also relocate or extend your pond — and your fish can be back in their home in no time!

The ponds are a progression from the company's raised pond window frames, which it has been manufacturing since 2004. Instantponds have a lifetime guarantee and are laser cut from 3mm thick 316 stainless steel. The 3m x 3m x 76cm deep ponds have four viewing windows. A box-welded pond liner can also be sunk below ground to make the pond deeper.

There are different finishes available including slate and brick for the sides and grain and granite for the top.

If your fish get too big, you can change the size of your pond with an upgrade, by simply adding different sections and a liner. Bespoke pond sides are available.

For more info and a video showing construction, visit the website at