Inspirational aquariums: The fantasy approach


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This is a twist on the classic nature V-shaped design. The branching driftwood pointing upwards, surrounded by Anubias covered rocks, add a real sense of maturity.

It contrasts nicely with the bushy stems plants and clumps of submersed Riccia, and the dark background is specially illuminated to give a fantasy effect.  

The glass filter outlet (lily pipe) makes a subtle impact and CO2 is monitored using a drop checker that’s also available in glass.  

The foreground plants and stems will require regular pruning and the the centre offers plenty of swimming space for the fish.

What you will need

60 x 36 x 30cm/24 x 15 x 12” tank and cabinet £200

Two fluorescent 24w T5 luminaires £100

External filter and glassware £100

Pressurised CO2 system £100

Heater £20

Substrate £20

Liquid fertilisers £10

Décor £50

Plants £100

Total: Expect to pay £700