Inspirational aquariums: Contemporary planted tank


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At 2m/6.6' this is definitely a set-up for the spacious, modern living room or office reception area where visitors can drool over its sizeable impact.

The key to a project of this scale is to start with a large tank, but decorate it with small shapes and interesting textures.

As for ongoing maintenance, you need to keep it very neat, clipped and maintain lots of open water. This tank uses Riccia, which tends to be quite intensive to look after, but the Pogostemon helferi is much less hassle and you could just go for a bed of that instead.

Finish everything off with the timeless charm of a group of Cardinal tetras.

What you will need

2m/6.6’ aquarium, cabinet and hood £1,000

Two external filters £180

Two heaters £60

Pressurised CO2 kit £150

Substrate £100

Décor £100

Plants £150

Total: Expect to pay £1,740

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