Hundreds of dead fish found in pet store raid


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Animal control officials who raided a pet shop in Indianapolis after it failed an annual inspection, found hundreds of dead fish and reptiles in the store.

Livestock at The Fish Bowl Pet Center was reported to be living in filthy conditions with dead and decaying fish floating in tanks, while reptiles, dogs and cats were inside cramped, faeces-filled cages.

Officials confiscated hundreds of animals including puppies, reptiles and birds. These are all being housed at the city shelter.

Because of the difficulty of transporting the fish, many are reported to remain at the pet shop, but they are being monitored regularly by animal control officers.

The Fish Bowl Pet Center had been given until March 8 to address 581 safety violations. Officials began to remove animals from the store on March 14, after it failed to address these.  

The shop has been trading for 45 years. Its owner, Bill Houston, has had his license to operate the business suspended.

According to reports, each of the safety violations carries a maximum $2500 fine, meaning he could have to pay over $1.4 million/£926,250.

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