Hagen launch Fluval Fresh Water Aquarium Sets


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There's nothing we like more here at PFK than a new aquarium, and Hagen have just brought out three.

The Fluval Fresh Aquarium Sets comprise a 58 litre, 38cm long model, a 90 litre, 60cm long and a 129 litre, 90cm long and include Fluval canister filter, LED lighting and a heater.

In terms of design they look very contemporary and although Fluval could be considered mass-market products by some, straight away these new cabinets are some of the best designed and best looking cabinets we’ve seen.


The exact cabinet colours for the freshwater range are named “mussel” for that chunky surround and “bolo” for the wood effect, push open doors. Another unusual design feature is that these open topped tanks come with a frosted glass rim.

According to the blurb, these new tanks, which we will test as soon as they become available, come with the new EasyConnect system, which allows direct connection of the external filter through the tank’s bottom pane of glass.


Initial thoughts? We like the look of them and think the cabinet design looks really good. I’m still not a massive fan of those stick on lighting brackets and would much prefer plastic screw fit fittings as is the norm with many other luminaire style lights. As it is with the self-adhesive fittings, you can’t remove those brackets once stuck fast to the glass and if you opt not to have a background colour on the tank, the brackets can be seen.

The frosted rim is an interesting touch although the purist aquascaper fraternity will still just have preferred no rim, and I would have liked to have seen a four foot model holding 240 litres plus.

Either way, three very welcome additions to the UK freshwater aquarium and cabinet market and no doubt PFK will be setting one up and stocking one in a future issue very soon.