Go fish-watching in your own 'underwater plane'


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Ever fancied exploring the ocean in your own private submarine? Well now you can! This James Bond-style 'underwater plane' will take you down to depths of 2,000'. The hitch? It costs $2m…

The battery-powered Orcasub from Spymaster is 22' long and weighs 4 tonnes and you fly it like a private jet - only underwater.

According to the report in Pocketlint, the Orcasub features two 360° open view pods, each with 80 hours of life support - so you don't need all that scuba gear - collision avoidance sonar and digital long-range underwater communication system. A 60,000 lumen ultra LED lighting system lets you see what's around you. You also get five days training on how to control it.

And if 1000' isn't deep enough, the $9.32m version will get you down to 6,000'.

This is the scaled-down mock-up, which was on show at Harrods' Technology Showcase 2.0 event. Spymaster is taking orders for the full-sized version now…

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