Fish survives for six months with half a body!


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A man who adopted a fish without a back end managed to keep the unfortunate creature alive for six months.

Mr Watchara Chote, from Thailand, discovered the 'half fish' in a tank at a local market and felt sorry for it. He took it home and named it ’1-half’. 

According to a report by Matichon News, the Lemon-fin barb, Hypsibarbus wetmorei, had been injured in an attempt to jump from a pond, damaging its bones and leading to its tail and part of its body rotting away.

Some readers might find the video that accompanies this story rather distressing, as the fish is obviously unable to swim at all, so we have taken the decision not to embed it. But if you wish to watch it, 

you can find it here.

The report says that the fish died after travelling to different villages to be shown off to the public by its owner.

Members of the public clubbed together to buy a coffin to allow Mr Watchara to give the fish a proper burial after its death.

Was keeping this fish alive the right thing to do? We'd be interested to hear your views...