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Entries for Round One of the UK Aquascaping Championship 2016 are now open. So if you have a talent for producing great aquarium layouts, why not give it a shot?

To enter Round One, you need to send a photograph of your aquascape via the UKASC website by Sunday, August 14. The top ten entries will go forward to Round Two — the live scape off — to decide the UK Aquascaping Champion 2016 on Saturday, October 15 at J and K Aquatics, North Petherton, Somerset. The ten ’scapers who compete in Round Two will get to keep their creations, including the Clear-Seal Edgeline aquarium.

The top three placed  ’scapers will be decided by spectators voting in ballot boxes throughout the ’scape off. 

The overall UK Aquascaping Champion 2016 will win a bespoke Clear-Seal tank to the value of £850, along with £250 cash. Second prize is a Ciano Emotions 120 aquarium and £200 cash; third prize is a Ciano Emotions 80 aquarium  and £150 cash. The top three ’scapers will also receive a selection of other sponsorship goodies.

Sponsors of the contest, which is run by J and K Aquatics, are Arcadia, Aquadeco, Ciano, Clear-Seal, Dennerle, Eheim, Tetra and Reeflowers. Once again, the competition is being run with the support of UK aquascaper, Alastair Treymaine.

For more details and to enter the competition, 

visit the UKASC website.