Businessman builds an aquarium around his home


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A businessman in Turkey has installed an unusual fence around his luxury villa - it's a 50-metre-long aquarium.

The aquatic fence in ÇeÅŸme, Izmir, is stocked with around 1,000 fish and octopus and has become a big tourist attraction — with up to a thousand visitors a day — since Mehmet Ali GökçeoÄŸlu had it built eight years ago.

The villa sits just a few metres from the shore of the Aegean Sea and the aquarium, which is stocked with native fish, gets a constant supply of clean water via a buried pipe that links it to the sea.

CCTV cameras have been installed to ensure that tourists who come to marvel at the creation can enjoy the fish, but can't get too close.

According to reports the whole project cost just 40,000 Turkish Lira/£13,700.

You can see the aquarium in the video below - it gives you some idea of the scale.


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