Boys catch Red-tailed catfish in Florida pond!


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Two 12-year-old boys were stunned when they caught a Red tail catfish while fishing in a pond in Oakleaf, Clay County.

Ethan Lloyd and Christian Scheibe recognised the fish — a native of the Amazon, Orinoco, and Essequibo river basins of South America — from footage they had seen on the Animal Planet series 'River Monsters'.

"It was fairly big, and whenever we pulled it up, most catfish kinda grunt, well he growled and huffed," they told WJXT Jacksonville.

Lloyd recalled, "Me and Christian watch Jeremy Wade all the time...and we were like, 'Is that a Red-Tailed catfish?'"

"Aubrey was like, 'There's no way.' He came out here and picked it up, and it was a Red-tailed catfish. Red-tailed catfish have a red line down the middle and red on the bottom and top, it has a signature look. We never thought we'd catch anything like that," Lloyd said.

The boys put the tankbusting fish back into the pond, where it had probably been released in the first place by a fishkeeper when it had outgrown its tank.

You can watch the news report below.

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