Boy chokes on pet fish


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A four-year-old boy nearly choked to death after a pet Climbing perch jumped into his mouth and became stuck.

Muhammad Akhif Danish Shamsuri had apparently been holding the fish in his hand when it suddenly leapt into his mouth.

His father Shamsuri Shafie told Kosmo!: "My brother managed to catch its tail, preventing it from getting into his throat."

The 3cm wide fish became lodged in the boy's mouth, with just the tail protruding.

His father said that he was in pain for four hours before the fish was finally removed. "My son's mouth was bleeding from being cut by the fish's thorns," said Shamsuri.

The boy was taken to a local hospital before being transferred to the main hospital in Kota Baru, Malaysia where doctors anaesthetised him and removed the fish.

His grandfather Ismail Ibrahim, who owned the pet fish, said Muhammad Akhif was fond of the perch.

"He would rush to see the fish every time he came to my house," he said.

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