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Editor's Picks
 A perfect place for your Fighter to rest his little fins — the Betta Bed Leaf Hammock.
Gear Post
Review: Betta Bed Leaf Hammock
21 November 2017
 Just look at that little face... No wonder then, that so many fishkeepers find these little puffers so hard to resist.
Features Post
Join the puffer fish fan club!
28 September 2017
 Special care needs to be taken when catching Pictus catfish and other species with spines.
Features Post
Travels with your fish
03 August 2017
August issue of Practical Fishkeeping on sale now!

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The August issue of Practical Fishkeeping is packed with amazing fish, inspirational ideas and expert advice. Here’s just a taster of what you can find between the pages of this month’s magazine…

Our fish of the Month is the Rainbow shiner — it’s ironic that one of the hottest fish on the scene comes from cold waters... Here’s how to keep this little beauty.

Who says brown is boring? The Chocolate gourami is a real treat that not only looks delicious but also has a soft centre. Find out how to keep these sweet fish.

Smaller set-ups can really look the business. We have are some great ideas for the more easily accommodated 60cm/2ft aquariums.

Charming and colourful, neither of the Ram cichlids grow too big, and they are inexpensive to buy and fun to breed. But one is much easier to keep than the other… Find out which is best for your tank.

We feature a lovely Nature Aquarium style layout, set up to honour aquascaping legend Takashi Amano — and it’s surprisingly low maintenance.

We visit a reader with a superb reef set-up that shows just how effective a room divider tank can be when it’s done well.

There’s advice on prepping for the hols, preventing summer problems in your pond, and how to make the most of the summer by enjoying our native marine life.

Plus some stunning new fish in the shops, new gear reviews, your questions answered by our team of experts, and loads more.

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