Association of Midland Goldfish Keepers Open Show this weekend


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The AMGK is holding its annual open show of goldfish tomorrow (June 29) in Coventry.

Goldfish fanciers around the country will be travelling to Coventry either to show their prized goldfish or just to meet up with other club members and see goldfish being shown.

Top breeders will be vying for their fish to take first place and visitors can expect to see many fancy and single tail goldfish varieties all bred, grown on and shown to exacting Nationwide Standards.

There will be the best of every variety including Bristol and London shunbunkins, Veiltails, Broadtail moors, Orandas and Japanese rarities like Tosakin.

Benching of fish goes on until 12:00 midday, then there is an auction at 1pm, giving visitors the chance to buy up rare varieties and tap into some exclusive bloodlines.

The fish display will open back up in the afternoon at 2.30-3pm onwards for visitors to see which fish won and for their owners to receive their awards.

The event is being held at the usual venue, West Orchard Church Hall, Coventry, CV3 6FP.

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